Friday, 25 September 2009

Is it Autumn already

Like the newsletter editor I've just returned from sunnier climes and the weather in this country seems so dismal by comparison.  I and Charmain spent a fortnight at her son's villa in Zylofagou, Cyprus.  It is a wonderful country if you like hot weather and it was every day.  The temperature never dropped below 94 degrees during the day and 80 at night, I had to sit in the pool most days with my can's of beer to keep reasonably cool, which in turn made it difficult to swim with one hand holding onto the tinny.

Another good reason for holidaying in Cyprus is the excellent service in the restaurants.  The way they treated customers reminded me of the level of service we once enjoyed in this country 20 years ago, which is sadly lacking today.  Also being a cigarette addict it was nice to have this facility before and after a meal.

I'd like to thank Stephen's neighbours there, for their friendship, hospitality and kindly assistance.  So thank you again Julie, Neil and son Scott also to Dave and especially Karen who supplied a birthday cake at short notice and not forgetting Bernie the pool man.  Charmain and I look forward to meeting you another year.

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