Friday, 7 January 2011

Win A Family Holiday

Want to win a holiday, could you take on our family fit challenge?   Are you the fit family of the East Riding?   Enter our free competition to win a family activity holiday.

Did you know that making small changes to the way you eat and how much you move could make a big difference to your health and happiness?   What ever your shape it’s important that you eat properly and do plenty of exercise to be healthy.

What are you waiting for

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Competition Time

Sit back and cast an eye over 2010.   But how much do you remember?   Test yourself with this bumper quiz and see how well you observed what was happening in 2010.   Plus there’s a prize for the first 10 people who send an email with the right answer which is revealed when all the questions are correct.

The prize for this competition is an ebook from our celebrated Newsletter Editor (author Toni Cornford), this book contains a special edition of short stories that can be viewed on your Kindle, Apple iPad Tabletor other suitable reader.   Or you can view it on your laptop or desktop.

When you click to view your score, whether you’re right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.   You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.   Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people will only achieve 50% on the first attempt.

Welcome to Skeffling Chatter

If you want to have your say you can join the Chatter group and submit your own comments or articles, simply send an e-mail to join now. Even if your friends and neighbours don't have access to a computer or the Internet they can still get involved by simply submitting their comments to Thomas in writing (telephone for details 650645) and he will arrange to publish this on the site for them. So what are you waiting for get involved now and let your voice be heard.