Monday, 21 June 2010

The Bench

Have you visited the Village Hall recently, if not you will not have seen this new addition.   This has been provided by the T'ai Chi group in memory of their instructor Paul Swann.   I have to say I was impressed with the workmanship that James has put into making this bench with the symbolism it depicts.

The dedication ceremony for the bench followed the scattering of Paul's ashes in the field behind the Village Hall.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Skeffling's Got Talent!

And it's got it in spades!

The Pub Lads - aka, Charles Hill, Richard Newsam and Guy Moxon - are good.  REALLY good.  Apparently when they play at the George and Dragon they fill the pub.  And that's what they did at Skeffling Village Hall last night. 

Mike Turnbull and Gaz Watts were celebrating their completion of the Trans Pennine Trail with a complementary Hog Roast.  People came from the villages around and heaped money into the dontions boxes for the Hull Royal Infirmary Stroke Ward.  The end result was a colosal £820 which will be added to the sponsorship money Mike and Gax raised for their 220 mile bike ride.  The final total will be in the July issue of Skeffling News.  But early estimates put it at over £2,000!

Mike and Gax were overwhelmed and thoroughly chuffed with the generosity of local folk.  They couldn't stop smiling and thanking people.
When The Pub Lads had a break, Andy Wells took over.  A local singer songwriter and guitarist Andy really wowed the audience with his songs of local people.  Pete Simmons was imortalised in verse, as was Tom Hodgson, local farmer and true eccentric.  It was all there in Andy's song:  Tom Hodgson, Skeffling, R.I.P.

The words encompassed Tom's life.  He was a legend in Skeffling and the surrounding area, and will never be forgotten.  I certainly won't forget him - he was my Landlord when I lived at The Lodge, and I had a lot of time for Tom, even when caterpillars dropped off his slightly torn trousers and landed on the living room carpet!

There was some young up and coming talent at the Village Hall last night, too.  Guy Moxon, who's been in the music business for 30 years, was joined on stage by his son Eddy, 13, who accompanied his Dad on the guitar.  Eddy showed a lot of talent and confidence - no bum notes either!  Well done, Eddy, keep playing.

Guy's daughter, Jess, 16, is also a talented musician.  She plays lead guitar and bass, and has aspirations of making music her future career.  This is not jut a talented family, but a really nice one.  Good luck to Jess and Eddy - don't waste your talent!

It truly was a wonderful night.  Good music, good atmosphere, and a lot of laughs.  And thanks to everyone who gave so generously to Mike and Gaz's charity appeal.  They raised a big pile of money which will go a fair way to helping the Stroke Ward get their much needed scanner.

Well done, everyone...

Friday, 11 June 2010

Police and Partners Community Forum

Make your VOICE heard.

The Police and Partners Community Forum are holding a public meeting on Wednesday 7th July, 7.00 p.m.   The venue for this is the Withernsea Hospital Community Room.   All residents for the South East Holderness Ward are invited.
Welcome to Skeffling Chatter

If you want to have your say you can join the Chatter group and submit your own comments or articles, simply send an e-mail to join now. Even if your friends and neighbours don't have access to a computer or the Internet they can still get involved by simply submitting their comments to Thomas in writing (telephone for details 650645) and he will arrange to publish this on the site for them. So what are you waiting for get involved now and let your voice be heard.