Tuesday, 26 January 2010

When it works Halleluia!!!

Reading Toni's article on Sunday about computer problems I can concur with her that it was a very difficult week. But as the title suggests when it does it's fantastic and this product deserves a mention it being a Logitech QuickCam Plus E3500 web-cam.

The reason we wanted a web-cam that was easy to use was to be able to contact friends and family either in this country or abroad. It so much better to talk to friends over the Internet when you can see them and not just through e-mail or instant messaging. The CD that came with the product was excellent and guided you through each stage of installing the software to use the web-cam and within a few minutes we were set.

Now came the acid test, making a video call to friends in Cyprus. We started the Skype program, inserted our friends Skype name and after a pause waiting for them to answer there they were. We were able to see each other and chat straight away.

This was the first time I had added a new gadget and software to the computer that did what it said on the tin with no problems. I can certainly recommend this gadget especially to those other villagers that have family abroad and the best thing is apart from the cost of the web-cam all video calls are free.

Anyone who wants to buy this gadget have a look below you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winter Woe's - Brrrrrr

Have you noticed that as soon as we get all this snow the authorities say don't travel unless its absolutely necessary.   Well it's fortunate that some workers think their jobs are necessary, I for one appreciate the efforts of our local refuse workers in continuing to work normally.   As we didn't have a visit from them last week due to the christmas holidays I'm sure we all would like to say a big thank you to these workers.

Another person some of us are thankful for is the coalman from "East Riding Coal Supplies", his must be a most un-enviable job in the present weather conditions.   Yesterday he kept his commitments to his customers in Skeffling even though it was 6:30 at night when he managed to get through due to the adverse conditions in rural East Yorkshire.

So if you struggled to get to work to provide a service to others and ignored official advice not to travel THANK YOU, what would we do without this sentiment?   Plus don't they realise if these workers didn't turn up for work they wouldn't get paid and that's why its essential that they keep the roads gritted and open for ordinary people to continue to work normally.

Do you know of any other worker that provided you with an essential service and would like to recognise their efforts, then e-mail you story to be published here or why not join our community and post yourself "details can be found elsewhere on this page".

But if you are unfortunately having to stay at home why not indulge in a bit of retail therapy by visiting any of our sponsors for example Amazonplus they are still offering free delivery on all items however low the price.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all here at Skeffling Chatter & Community website.  We'd like to thank all visitors who are interested in reading our web pages whether to learn more about our village, keep up with local events or news from the Skeffling Chatter, Community and Skeffling Newsletter pages.

We'd also like to thank our many sponsors for promoting our website or offering services that may be of use to our visitors in 2010 i.e. Heart Internet for hosting our web site, Google for providing a direct search from these pages, Amazonfor their vast array of products which I know many visitors are grateful for, also other commercial companies Jet2holidays.com, AA Travel Insurance, Jessops Photography, Purple Parking for when you start thinking about your summer holidays now the New Year is here, these are just a few examples. We must also not forget our local trades people and information on their services can be found on the Local Info page.

Last but not least, an invaluable member of the team who will provide the bulk of our local news Toni Cornford and if your an avid reader why not visit her personal website "Love Zone".

Once again thank you all and we look forward to you returning to these pages throughout 2010.
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