Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Humberside Police

When I came back from my holiday I read through the new posts on Skeffling Chatter and was very intrigued by the Comment from Anonymous on his/her views about Humberside Police.

Now, personally, I think they're doing a good job for us. They're friendly, helpful, and very ready with advice on any problem large or small. They have also responded readily to our pleas for something to be done about speeding through the village.

The Parish Council have been begging all the authorities, including the Police, to do something about it since 2002!

So reading Anonymous' comments was really intriguing.

If Anonymous has so many grievances about the Police why on earth weren't they at the Village Hall this afternoon between 3 and 4pm to tell Humberside Police just what they thought of them!

PCSO Amy Long was there to discuss their problems and help them in any way she could.

What more can they do?

If you have a grievance please, please, go along to the Police Surgery and discuss your problems with Humberside Police. THEY WANT YOU TO!

The next Police Surgery at Skeffling Village Hall is on Wednesday, 21st October between 7 - 8pm.

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