Saturday, 16 April 2011

Does Anybody Care!

Have the candidates forgotten about us in Skeffling because there's a distinct lack of information about why we should vote for them.   So what do you know about the forthcoming local election.   Who are the candidates for the district and parish council.   Plus there will be a referendum on 5th May 2011 that will ask voters whether they want to change how MPs are elected in General Elections.

Instead of just voting for one candidate you'll have to rank candidates in order of preference, and these preferences could be used to decide the outcome in area's where no candidate wins more than 50%.

Want to know more then read this guide about your vote.


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Potential Voter said...

Thank you for all this information, Tom. You must be the only person who's taken the time and trouble to inform the public. They want us to vote them into power but don't bother telling us their policies, or how they see the future of South East Holderness. So far we've had one leaflet in Skeffling from John Windas. Is he the only one standing? If so he's going to win with the 'first past the post' system or the 'AV' system. Because it looks like no other potential Councillors are putting up a fight. Or is it arrogance? Do they think we'll vote them back in anyway... They might be in for a shock on 6th May, especially if they're out of a job!

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