Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Community Road Watch

The South and Mid Holderness Neighbourhood Team from Humberside Police are holding an event at Skeffling Village Hall at 5:00 pm on Sunday 18th October.

The reason for this is that Community Road Watch is asking for volunteers and is the way Neighbourhood Team Officers are willing to work with us, because we believe speeding to be an issue in our community.

At present they are actively seeking volunteers from our community to assist them and get the scheme up and running over the next few weeks.

All training and equipment will be supplied by Humberside Police.

If you want to be a part of the community road watch project and play your part in making our village roads safer, then could you please attend on the due time and date to take part in the training program.


Anonymous said...

Making the roads safer would also include removing those untaxed cars, such as the 54 reg grey MG saloon that is driven by the people who now live at the old piggery down Winsetts Road. Presumably their other vehicles are also untaxed and uninsured?

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanting to check to see if a vehicle is taxed, or not, can easily do this through the following website

Anonymous said...

Apologies this is the web address to find out if a car is untaxed the previous one is to report an untaxed vehicle such as the Rover L975 CCX that also resides at the old piggery on Winsetts.

Anonymous said...

To everyone concerned in the above comments...

I would like to clear up a few things with you all.

My reason for this is the vehicles mentioned in these comments. The Grey MG (YR54 YKB) mentioned belonged to myself. This vehicle WAS taxed. The tax disc was stolen from the vehicle and was reported to the DVLA and Humberside Police. As you may have all seen The Piggeries, Winsetts Rd in Skeffling has sustained a lot of damage through a serious fire back in December 2009. Some of you may have seen my MG or the Rover (L975 CCX belonging to a Mrs Gibb which i confirm Was not taxed) being driven by Mrs Gibb. The fire at the piggeries was started by her purposely. My vehicle was in there at the time which is why she started it.

That is beside the point i wish to make to you. My vehicles were always taxed MOT'd and insured as i am a vehicle mechanic.

The Rover that has also been mentioned was not taxed. I can confirm that. The vehicle was bought from SJ autos in withernsea by Mrs Gibb. The vehicle was registered Disabled on the V5 logbook and mrs gibb never bothered to change it over.

Mrs Gibb caused a lot of problems in skeffling such as threatening people with axes, Arson, vandalism, cruelty to animals which she is being sent to prison for. This is just a few of the things she has done. Mrs Gibb has serious mental health issues which have being confirmed by a mental health nurse. I no longer live in East Yorkshire i have re-located back to West Yorkshire which is a shame because i have always liked skeffling. I was visiting the piggeries long before i moved there in august 2009 when Mr Pollard and his family lived there.

I apologise to you all for any problems that were caused whilst i was living at the property. I fully support the Community Road Watch programme in Skeffling especially having witnessed a car accident in 2009 at the crossroads.

Anonymous said...

in case anyone begins to wonder how the MG tax disc was stolen maybe you saw that the Near Side Rear quarter light was broken? When it was stolen the thieves never locked the Near side rear and front doors when they accessed it through the broken window.

Anonymous said...

If anybody from skeffling would like a list of vehicles that were at the piggeries i will not hesitate in providing the list with registration numbers. i personally owned 3 vehicles whilst living at Skeffling between 4th August 2009 and 2nd April 2010 but i can provide all vehicles and numbers of the cars that were there.

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