Monday, 10 August 2009

Mobile phone warnings - Hoax

I'd like to offer readers a timely warning about e-mails they receive giving dire warnings about various products, and telling them to pass it on to all your friends. The one that is doing the rounds at the moment is the mobile phone scare about pressing #90 or #09, this particular code sequence does not work on mobiles. and has been going from one person to anther for over 5 years.

This and others you receive are based on how we recieved them in the past, "Chain Letters", by snail mail.

Although it is good to be wary, these e-mails tend to clog up our inbox's and slow the internet down. You can usually tell if it is a hoax, if you receive the warning from more than one source. I have received this from 4 different people who had no connection with each other and I can now safely assume I'm not going to have these scammers ringing me up, thats if I remember to switch the phone on? Then find my glasses to actually see what keys I need to press, although this is rarely a problem in Skeffling with O2 as its not often I can get a signal.

If anyone in the village should require assistance in these matters please send an e-mail.

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