Saturday, 10 April 2010

Candidates Visit

The visit of our candidates yesterday turned out to be very entertaining, and quite unexpected.

First to arrive was Bill Rigby of the Green Party who came on his bike.  Then Ian Saunders of the Labour Party, and finally Graham Stuart of the Conservative Party.  Interviewing them for Look North was Caroline Davis who, unfortunately, had lost her camera crew.

Sue Turnbull, whose instincts were on top form yesterday, had left all the stuff to make tea and coffe (and a large packet of plain chocolate biscuits) in the Village Hall.  "Just in case," she'd told me on the phone earlier.

We were all gathered at St. Helen's waiting patiently while Caroline harrangued Look North as to the whereabouts of her camera crew.  Turns out no one had told him he should have been at Skeffling at 10.30, and he wouldn't be arriving until 12!

By then James Robinson had turned up and someone suggested the Village Hall and a cup of tea.  This went down a storm, so Sue and I went to put the kettle on.  Just imagine, three potential MPs imprisoned in the Village Hall unable to escape.  So we did what anyone would do - we gave them a grilling!

It was a lovely sunny day so we sat outside and chatted whilst waiting for the elusive cameraman.  He arrived, looking innocent, but a bit sheepish, and they all went off to Out Newton Road for Caroline to interview the candidates using the wind turbines as a backdrop.  The item she was doing is the increasing use of wind power in South Holderness, and the political party's views on it.

They eventually went their respective ways just after 1pm, pronouncing the filming as very successful.

If you want to see the report it's on Look North on Monday night at 6.30pm. 

One interesting point.  Caroline's Grandfather, five generations back, came from Welwick and his house is still there!  Small world isn't it...

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