Friday, 12 February 2010

Kill the Bill

   How would you like to have solar panels fitted to your roof and not have to pay an electric bill for the next 25 years, and all for FREE?
   That's right -  FREE.
   At the Microgeneration Awards last night I was talking to Stewart Davies from ASHADEGREENER and he assured me this was for real.  No hidden costs.  No nasty surprises.  Oh, and at the end of the 25 years the solar panels are yours to keep. 
   His company will do all the necessary surveying, installing, maintaining throughout the full 25 years.  All you have to do is not pay any electric bills.
   Yeh, right!  Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  So, because I'm naturally suspicious about a something-for-nothing scheme, I grilled him quite extensively.  'There's no such thing as a free lunch.'  'There's got to be a snag to the scheme.'  'Airlines who offer you amazing deals then hit you with a bill when you've bought your ticket.'  But he kept shaking his head and repeating 'No - it's completely, totally FREE'.
   This morning I went onto their website and followed the very simple instructions.  Put in your post code, up comes a googleearth map of Skeffling, zoom in till you find your house, then a little 'push pin' appears and you stick it on your roof.  Fill in your details and they'll get back to you if your house qualifies.  This means it has to be south facing to catch maximum rays. 
   Next question... So who pays what to whom.  You're a business not a charity so you must make something out of it.  Well they do.  But not from their customers.  They get their money from the recently introduced Feed In Tariff, which pays them 41p. for every kilowatt produced.  And that's why it's FREE to you.
   Have a look for yourself.  Log on to  it'll tell you all the things you need to know...
   When you've done that please read my Blog about the Award Skeffling received last night.  And it's all thanks to you...

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