Friday, 18 January 2013

Do East Riding Council think we are plebs

I've just seen a copy of an email sent to local Parish Councillors. The email states that in a recent trial involving refuse collection residents have asked for fortnightly green and blue bin collections. Do they think us plebs are stupid and would really ask for a service to be reduced and forced to recycle more.

I think not, we get very little in return for our council taxes. I thought the government was telling councils to restore weekly collections for refuse bins. Is this the beginning of further cuts by this Tory led council and government who have form for thinking us plebs will accept whatever they throw at us.

Re-reading the email from a council official was tortuous by having to interpret the many grammatical errors. For example "As part of this roll out we want as many give information to as many" and " We will also be providing talks to local community groups such as cubs, brownies, WI, U3A etc as well as any schools to inform to try to encourage people to reduce" to true I say.

If you think this imposition of forcing us to recycle more is a step to far please write or email your local councillors or the Tory party MP whoever he or she is.

Thank you a long suffering council taxpayer.

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